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Learn how to make your dog listen, even when they don't want to!


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You don't have to live with anything! Don't "tolerate" any bad behavior!


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Peace of mind knowing your dog is safe, even when they aren't leashed.

'Lee's dog training' touted as "best of the best"

Lee Seibold, owner of Lee's Dog Training, has quickly risen to the cream of the crop when it comes to dog behavior and obedience. With awards in 2015 and 2016 for best dog training business in Indianapolis, his ability to teach dogs and their owners are being touted as "the best of the best". He's become the "go to" guy to handle the most difficult cases in the United States. Although Lee specializes in difficult cases, he hopes that dog owners with "good dogs" also contact him, so they can maximize their dog's potential and give their dog the highest quality of life possible!

Lee's Dog Training uses a universal training approach that provides you with a well behaved and obedient companion. You'll soon have a dog that you can trust and include in your life. No tricks. No useless drills. No fanny packs of biscuits. And best of all, you get the feeling of confidence when you have control over your dog. The majority of society today has accepted the notion that some dogs are "dumb" or "untrainable". Many trainers and dog owners today believe that a dog's training potential is related to breed, personality, or intelligence level. However, Lee's Dog Training guarantees that every healthy dog is capable of perfect behavior and obedience when the right training methodology is used.

When you choose Lee's Dog Training, you'll be empowered with a unique understanding of the way your dog thinks. You'll learn the knowledge and skills it takes to have control over your dog, even when they don't want to listen!

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