Dogtor Lee has one of the largest collections of dog training transformation videos in the state of Indiana.  If you want you and your dog to be featured, Lee will be happy to help you make a compelling video to share with your friends! You might even be featured on the website! Lee regularly accepts dogs who have failed with other trainers. While the rest of the industry continues to use unreliable training techniques, like using treats, Lee has more effective ways to obtain results that will last a lifetime.

Lee’s Dog Training puts you in total control of your dog. We give you the steps and the tools to continue training beyond the facility from  the comforts of home… in your own environment. Your dog will continue to follow your guidance and respond to your every command. There will be no need for electric fences, or fear of your dog being a nuisance or a threat to others.


In this video, Dogtor Lee helps Bessie and Grissom have self control while seeing distractions outside. Your dog is capable of this kind of transformation within minutes! If you and your dog are struggling with over excitement and a lack of self control, Lee can help you have peace regardless of your dogs breed, age, or history!


This is little Winston. He would make dog walks unbearable for his owner. His normal path would include multiple neighborhood dogs and children playing, and this caused him to bark uncontrollably followed by endless pulling and tugging. These cases are very common with most of the puppies that come to our facility. Watch this video to see Winston’s before and after transformation.

More Customer Testimonials

I had Lee come help me with my 160lb German Shepherd puppy. He was not neutered yet so he had some testosterone in him. Lee was very professional and discussed his approach. With our okay’s he took Bear and in less than 15 seconds Bear was a different dog. I couldn’t believe it! I recommend him to anyone with a big dog.

Brian N

Lee is an amazing trainer. His passion is obvious and he loves to help his clients learn how to do the at home training. My wife and I sent both of our dogs to Lee and they are perfect for dogs. People compliment us constantly on how well behaved they are.

Kristofer E


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