How Boot Camp Works

Boot camp provides training for both you and your dog!

Lee works with any breed, any age, with any problem!*

*Some humans may be untrainable.


Your dog will stay with Dogtor Lee for a week.


Study Dogtor Lee’s 10+ hours of instructional videos/emails.


Spend “about an hour” learning with Lee at pick-up! (It’s all you’ll need.)

Get results like this in just one week!*

*Results may vary based on your dogs personality and behaviors, as well as your ability to follow Dogtor Lee’s methods.


It should be noted that teaching a dog something new doesn’t take very long! All dogs are so smart that within about ten attempts, your dog already understands a new skill. The key is learning how to enforce your command if the dog doesn’t want to comply. Lee will work with your dog and help them become more willing to comply to commands that they already know, as well as teach them the basics they may not. Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Heel, Back, Bed, No, and many more! You will also learn how to correct behavior problems such as jumping, bolting, chewing, biting, barking, growling, and more! Lee will show you how to gain respect from your dog so that they listen even when they would rather not. The end goal of training is to get to the point where you no longer need any training materials to control your dog, all you’ll need is your voice and visual signals! No treats!


You’ll drop off your dog to live with Dogtor Lee for 7 days. During the week your dog is away you’ll be responsible for studying important emails and videos so that you’re well educated on Dogtor Lee’s methods. When you come to pick up your dog – you’ll spend about an hour learning with Dogtor Lee. If you have an overly difficult dog – or if you’re just having fun – Dogtor Lee encourages you to stay as long as you need to. The 7 days your dog spends with Dogtor Lee is designed to lay the foundation so that your transition from “no control” to “ultimate control” is more enjoyable. When you go home – it’s important to continue applying Dogtor Lee’s recommended training steps. While you’ll start experiencing amazing behavior and off leash obedience almost immediately – you must continue to apply training techniques until your dog completely respects you. This process generally takes 3-6 months after training*

*Results may vary based on your dogs personality and behaviors, as well as your ability to follow Dogtor Lee’s methods.


Lee often has dogs under control within minutes of working with them. Many clients often comment on how easy he makes it look! However, it can be quite difficult for the novice pet owner. Dog training isn’t so much about time as it is about respect. If a dog believes you’re capable and willing of following through with what you say, they will listen to you almost immediately. 7 Days is generally more than enough time for Lee to humble your dog and teach them everything they need to know. However, if Lee feels like your dog would greatly benefit from more time… he will contact you immediately to discuss options. Lee often keeps dogs longer at no additional charge if he feels they would greatly benefit from more time.


*It’s important to note that your dog will not immediately be perfect after training… Dogtor Lee will teach you how to properly show your dog you are capable and willing to enforce your rules even if they don’t want to listen. Boot camp is designed to give your dog a foundation of training and give you the knowledge and skills to become a leader over your dog. Results may vary based on your ability to apply and execute Dogtor Lee’s methods.


Training the dog is great, but it’s only half the battle. You have a lot to learn as well. And yes, they will often start to show dramatic improvemnt in both behavior and obedience almost immediately! However, you will not have complete control over your dog until you’ve successfully applied Dogtor Lee’s techniques for 3-6 months*.

*Long term results are based on your ability to continue following Dogtor Lee’s training steps at home.


Where will my dog stay?

Lee has gone to great lengths to make sure that your dog feels at home during training! Custom made heated and air conditioned luxury kennels, a cozy lobby, a large indoor arena for training, and a spacious outdoor area for those sunny days! Lee’s facillity wasn’t repurposed for dogs, it was designed and built specifically for the best dog training experience money can buy!

What do I need to bring for boot camp?

You only need to bring your dog! Food is also a good option, but not required. Due to liability reasons, do not bring bedding/toys. Lee will provide you with training materials that you need. If special equipment is required, Lee will contact you.


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