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Lee is seriously the top dog trainer in Indiana! I have an aggressive 2lb chihuahua and Lee has only done 2 sessions with this guy. We have seen so many major behavior changes. He not only does this training with the dog, but also trains and educates us as the owners. We are the biggest problem when it comes to our dog’s behavior. His techniques are so far different from any dog training class I’ve ever been to. My dog is a different dog thanks to Lee!

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Holli Phillips

Lee did an AMAZING job with our dog! He taught us what we needed to do to be well on our way to a well behaved dog with house manners. He is knowledgeable, he explains things well, he is calm and professional. I would highly recommend Lee and his services. I am so very glad we chose Lee to help us with our dog and I’m looking forward to our next session so we can learn more!

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Amy K.

Lee is a very knowledgeable and effective trainer. His teaching background is a great asset; he was patient and explained his techniques well. I reached out to Lee when my lovable yet very stubborn Wheaton terrier mix (40lb) increased in aggressive behaviors.Treat training definitely spiked the intensity and number of aggressive behaviors, and Lee was the only trainer I found who did not use that approach. I felt very comfortable entrusting him with Bear for a week of in-home training. I really appreciated the videos and updates while he was there that showed me he was making progress. Bear is definitely less hyperactive, responds to commands without the use of treats, and overall respects that we are his alphas. I’m very grateful to have found Lee and would recommend him to anyone looking to train their dogs effectively!

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Courtney H.

Lee’s visit with our dogs was great! My wife and I have two black lab mixes that suffer from severe leash aggression. When Lee arrived, he sat down with my wife and I first to reviewed his training program and methodology, then we started in on the training. He has set us up with some great tips and lessons to get our dogs on the right path! I can already see major improvements with our dogs while walking on the trail!

[5star Dog Training Indiana Reviews Oct 8, 2014 –]

Blaine K.

We hired Lee to train our two pups who are older and very stubborn. We wanted to ensure the safety of our infant daughter. Lee’s training is different than past ones I have used in the best way possible – what a difference in our two dogs after just 3 days! Lee knows so much about dog behavior and how to counteract all their bad habits. He teaches you very clearly how to keep the training going yourself afterwards. I would absolutely recommend this trainer to anyone – even with older ‘untrainable’ dogs!

[5star Dog Training Indiana Reviews Jan 25,2015 –]

Garnet D.

Absolutely Amazing! I’ve already recommended him to so many! My dog was a terror before I hired Lee to help me! And now I want everyone to meet my dog… And he does great with meeting new people! No more jumping or biting! I’m so glad I found Lees Dog Training! He did an outstanding job!

[5star Dog Training Indiana Reviews Dec 12,2014 –]

Carissa E.

Lee did an excellent job providing some advanced training for my service dog. My dog had been well cared for & my overall impression of Lee was excellent.

[5star Dog Training Indiana Reviews Sep 8,2014 –]

Ed M.

We got our puppy, Sophia Rae, on February 23, 2015. She was exactly 8 weeks from the day she was born. She is a beautiful Cream Retriever and her parents are both well over 80 lbs. so we know Sophia will be a rather large dog as well. When we got her, she was so full of energy but also very aggressive. She would nip, bite, bark constantly, jump up on people, pull on and actually eat our clothes, was not able to take walks with us, etc. She was totally uncontrollable. And we have two grand babies that are 1 and 3 and we didn’t want Sophia to attack either of them! My husband and I were at our wits end because she was not learning from us and she refused to listen to the word ”NO’. She had total control over our household at just 2 months and 14 lbs! We knew we had to do something to teach her to become a very manageable and loving puppy because she was growing fast! We searched the internet and found found Lee Seibold’s Dog Training Website. We checked out his videos and were amazed at what Lee could do in a matter of minutes… all without any treats! We would definitely recommend Lee to anyone that needs a lesson or two in training your puppy or dog! Lee has a life time guarantee on his training just in case your puppy creeps back to its ‘old habits’ of trying to be the alpha dog!!!! LEE, we cannot thank you enough for teachingSophia AND US that WE are the alpha dogs, not HER, and for still keeping her spirits up at the same time so she can still be our very ‘Silly Heart Sophia’!!!!!

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Glenda M.


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