Behavior and obedience problems can develop while you’re saving money for training!




  • No more treats to buy. Save hundreds of dollars every year! $20/month x 10 years = $2400+!
  • No more trips to the groomer! Primp your well behaved dog! ($10/month x 10 years = $1200+!)
  • Travel with your well behaved dog and save on boarding costs. (One week boarding per year = $2,000+!)
  • Eliminate the need to replace carpet, furniture, valuables, etc! (New Couch = $500+)
  • Reduce risk of medical/legal bills from aggression/vehicular accidents. (Hit by car, biting, etc. = $thousands+

What does training include?

$1400 VALUE


$350 VALUE


$379 VALUE


$300 VALUE






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Lee is fantastic with dogs and is very knowledgeable about training. He works with you and helps you to understand his methodology in training. My dog was aggressive and did not want to listen. She has turned around and we are very pleased!

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Brieanna E

Lee is the absolute best, at what he does. We took a good, but very puppy like 14 week old lab to him for training, after seeing the results of our sons 8 year old lab that he worked with. Lee sent us regular updates on how the training was progressing, along with videos to see for ourselves. He took very good care of our dog, and treated him like one of his own. Our boy is a changed dog, and we are slowing working towards complete off leash life, which is mostly building our own confidence that he will listen. With Lee’s professional instruction and willingness to help with any questions, it has been an outstanding experience. We would gladly recommend his services to anyone.

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Robert S

I have a 3 year old German Shepherd that was very aggressive and didn’t want to walk or listen to me and after 1 session with Lee he was walking next to me, going down stairs and I was even able to put a mussel on him.

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William O

Lee is seriously the top dog trainer in Indiana! I have an aggressive 2lb chihuahua and Lee has only done 2 sessions with this guy. We have seen so many major behavior changes. He not only does this training with the dog, but also trains and educates us as the owners. We are the biggest problem when it comes to our dog’s behavior. His techniques are so far different from any dog training class I’ve ever been to. My dog is a different dog thanks to Lee!

[5star Dog Training Indiana Reviews  –]

Holli P

We hired Lee to train our two pups who are older and very stubborn. We wanted to ensure the safety of our infant daughter. Lee’s training is different than past ones I have used in the best way possible – what a difference in our two dogs after just 3 days! Lee knows so much about dog behavior and how to counteract all their bad habits. He teaches you very clearly how to keep the training going yourself afterwards. I would absolutely recommend this trainer to anyone – even with older ‘untrainable’ dogs!

[5star Dog Training Indiana Reviews  –]

Garnet D

We have a very strong willed Dalmatian, and after working with Lee our pup is wayyyyy more obedient!! Lee gave us the tools we needed to continue to train and keep our dog well behaved. Very thankful for his help.

[5star Dog Training Indiana Reviews  –]

Emily S

My dog is 4 years old, somewhat resembles a pitbull, and always got too excited around other people. You can imagine how embarrassing it was for me to go out in public with her, not to mention that she’d had 6 months of training beforehand. It seemed as if all of her training just flew out of her brain whenever she got excited. With Lee’s Dog Training, she was calmer, listened better, and just overall a happier, less stressed dog after just 5 sessions. It really does take away the stress and anxiety to know that I can trust that she will listen to me in new and stressful environments. Go to Lee’s Dog Training and you will not be disappointed!

[5star Dog Training Indiana Reviews  –]

Kristi S

I have a two year old pointer mix who was adopted from a shelter. For the first few months she was the boss. She would terrorize our neighbors, chase other dogs, destroy our screens on our windows, and drag me to the ground on walks. I was lost and had no idea what to do until I found Lee on Facebook. After just two weeks with him my little girl was a completely different dog! Walks are actually enjoyable now! Lee knew exactly how to solve all of her behavioral Issues. If you have a problem dog or a dog that just needs to learn to listen do not hesitate to call there is no one better!

[5star Dog Training Indiana Reviews  –]

Alexandria L

Absolutely Amazing! I’ve already recommended him to so many! My dog was a terror before I hired Lee to help me! And now I want everyone to meet my dog… And he does great with meeting new people! No more jumping or biting! I’m so glad I found Lees Dog Training! He did an outstanding job!

[5star Dog Training Indiana Reviews  –]

Carissa E

Lee did an AMAZING job with our dog! He taught us what we needed to do to be well on our way to a well behaved dog with house manners. He is knowledgeable, he explains things well, he is calm and professional. I would highly recommend Lee and his services. I am so very glad we chose Lee to help us with our dog and I’m looking forward to our next session so we can learn more!

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Amy K


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