Lee’s Dog Training is the best dog obedience training Indiana has in the state! Lee’s personal dog training path began when he owned a Dalmatian with obedience issues. The puppy wasn’t safe to be around his new born child on the way. He was faced with the reality of having to part with his dog, or risk the dog causing harm to the baby. Luckily for Lee he was determined to do whatever it took to make his dog a lovable member of the family.


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Lee’s dog obedience training in Indiana gets results where others fail. He is consistently contacted by clients in Indiana who’ve spent hundreds of dollars and months (and years) of hard work on less effective methods…only to have little to show for those efforts. Clients marvel at how much he is able to accomplish in as little as 10 minutes with their puppy. Lee has some of the most raving reviews across the web and throughout the Indianapolis, Indiana, area.

In this video, Maggie displays very common behavior that Lee is used to seeing. Maggie couldn’t be controlled, and would force her owners to struggle to restrain her. Even coming home from a hard days work was a battle. I can’t wait for you to see this video!


Some dog owners have expressed the concern of their dog turning into a robot after training. Well you need not worry about that. Your dog will remain their carefree lovable self after training and they will remain within the rules and parameters that Lee has outlined for them.

Dog obedience training is about listening to the owner when you call upon, command, or instruct your dog. This video shows a quick demonstration of how your dog can still be his or her self, yet responds to your wishes at a moment’s notice. It isn’t easy to break a dog’s stride, but in this video you will see exactly that. The dog remains naturally at play and still attentive to Lee’s every command.

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Lee’s Dog Obedience Training Indiana Commercial

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This video explains why your local Indiana pet shop cannot achieve the same results. Pet shops use treats to entice dogs to perform certain behaviors. Unfortunately, when you take treats out of the picture…and then you place your dog in an environment full of kids and other dogs..then all that training goes out the window. Lee’s dog training doesn’t use treats as an incentive. Instead, he uses love and affection as rewards. Don’t pay double to get the same desired result. Call us first.

Are you on the brink of exiling your puppy to the backyard? Perhaps you considered taking him/her to the pound with the intention of returning home alone? Is your dog tearing apart your home? Or is he/she a threat to family, friends, and/or neighbors? If you said yes to any of these situations, then you should contact Lee. He understands what it’s like to own a disobedient dog. Rest assured that Lee has successfully turned this behavior around in every instance .

Some additional misbehaviors we typically see at Lee’s Dog Training include biting, uncontrollable barking (to residence passing by the home), threatening family, threatening pedestrians and dogs on daily walks, pulling, tugging, digging, and more. Some dogs are too powerful for their owners, and this could be life threatening in the event your dog breaks free and charges an unsuspecting person or persons walking by. Lee wants to help!


More of Lee’s Awesome Reviews

Lee did an excellent job training our lab/dalmatian mix. We had been having some issues with aggression and difficulty walking, and Lee had the dog under control very quickly and showed us how to use the same techniques. I would recommend Lee to anyone who wants to learn better control of their dog. He was on time and very professional, even stayed over the hour to answer any questions we had.

[Jun 25, 2015 –]

Tim S.

Huge difference after one session! We were at our wits end with jumping, licking, barking, and leash pulling. We saw a difference immediately! We ares looking forward to another session in a week!

[May 24, 2015 –]

Alyssa S.


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