An animal behaviorist is a person who studies the way animals interact with each other and with human beings. This description best defines Lee and his canine training school. He is able to understand how your dog thinks, how your other pets will influence your dog, and how to have you gain control by altering your dog’s natural desire for dominance.


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Lee uses a methodology that makes more sense to your dog. It mimics the way your dog normally interacts with you, other dogs, and in nature. Leader dogs instinctively use controlled, calculated behavior to win the respect of surrounding dogs in the pack. They use only the amount of calculated behavior needed to gain that result. Lee’s training puts you as the leader using affection, play, and discipline in a safe and highly effective training environment. Ultimately, this is more natural.


There are times when a canine owner has multiple canines, but only struggles with one. They will then seek training for just the one canine who desperately needs guidance. Unfortunately, the untrained canine can have a devastating negative influence on the newly trained canine. The untrained canine’s behavior can set a bad example and quickly undo all of the dog’s progress. This means that all the training, time, and your money will have gone to waste. Lee suggest that you have both dogs in training together to reinforce the desired result. Reach out to Lee for discounts on training multiple dogs together.

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Most dog trainers in Indiana set owners up for failure. They allow for small “getting to know you” type of puppy classes that wont give you the lasting results one would expect. In order to get the most out of training, Lee prefers to work with your dog for 10 days strait. Lee provides private training for your dog, working with them one-on-one, and then he includes an additional 2-3 hour session to work privately with you once you pick up the dog from bootcamp. Once you arrive, you will immediately see the life changing results of Lee’s life work and passion. There he will give you the tools, know how, and confidence to continue dog training from home in your dog’s regular environment.

One of many things that separates Lee from other trainers is how he designs his training by first understanding of how dog’s think, their tendencies, and how they interpret commands, control, and rewards. This makes Lee Seibold Indiana’s top animal behaviorist.


More Awesome Testimonials

I could not be happier with the training that Lee provided! I have an 8 year old lab that in just two weeks with Lee changed night and day. He worked with him on off leash training which is what I was really looking for, and since I got him back I have not had to use a leash no matter where we go! He takes great care of the dogs, and I would absolutely recommend this training for anyone. Whether you have an absolute problem dog, or just need some things shored up to allow you more control over your pooch.

[May 19,2016 –]

Jordan S.

Millie and I are looking forward to our next training which will be our third. She is responding so well to the training that I feel I have a great dog in the making. Millie is listening and following commands and not getting into trouble constantly. She respects me and comes to me for affection and approval. Lee is the third trainer I have hired and I know I will not need anyone else. He really makes it clear what I need to do and why. I would highly recommend him and have purchased time with him for my daughter and son-in-law’s Vizsla.

[Apr 5,2015 –]

Kathy L.


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