For the past 10 years, Lee has helped tens of thousands of dog owners reach relationships of epic proportions with dogs of all ages, sizes, and problems. Lee has risen to become one of the most respected trainers in the world. Assuming clients follow his steps, they will see incredible results at a fraction of the time of any other training method. Not only that, but Lee’s training actually pays for itself over the life of your dog. Lee graduated in 2012 from Indiana University with a B.S. Degree in Kinesiology with a specialty in physical and health education. He has a whopping 267 college credit hours under his belt (most 4 year bachelor’s degrees only require 120 credits). Lee went to college full time for six years and took a full semester of classes every summer. His college education consisted of courses in human psychology, behavior change theory, human anatomy, exercise science, physics, stress management, human sexuality, biomechanics, and more! He was even a certified personal trainer from the American College of Sports Medicine. All of this education has helped Lee gain a deep understanding of the inner workings of all animals, not just humans.

Dogtor Lee with his four children.


Lee’s Dog Training takes a casual, buddy-buddy, yet firm approach to dog training. Lee wants you to take control of your dog, yet enjoy your dog as well. A well trained dog will experience more love and enjoyment throughout it’s life. And you will have an indescribable sense of happiness when you can start to include your dog in areas of your life that you could never before. You’ll soon be showered with compliments of your dogs amazing behavior. Your friends and family will marvel at the love and respect your dog will have for you. Being free of the obedience or behavioral issues that are thwarting your ability to live life at it’s fullest is just a phone call away!


Lee’s Dog Training manifested out of necessity. My Dalmatian, Remy, became out of control aggressive and nearly mauled an unaware little boy in front of his dad! With a new baby on the way, I was desperate to train her. I tried multiple different training methods and trainers throughout the Indianapolis area without success. I was forced to teach myself how to train her. Within a couple of weeks, she was off leash trained and completely trustworthy for my newborn baby. Friends and family all asked me how I was able to get such dramatic results so quickly. I started training dogs part time for friends and family until it became obvious that I was destined to help people with their problematic dogs. At first, I started helping people with one-off tips and short sessions. Although I was able to help, I felt that the dogs were always short changed, and were never given their opportunity to reach their full potential. Not only that, but one-off sessions didn’t provide the dogs with enough training to see long term results and it didn’t provide the owners with enough training to maintain it. Lee’s Dog Training has evolved to provide a “one size fits all” service that doesn’t fail anyone. Rest assured, if you choose Lee, you’ll get the results you want!


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Lee’s Reviews From Happy Dog Owners

Our 5 year old, 18 pound dog was facing possible euthanasia because of some aggressive incidents culminating with a bite to the face of a 13 year old regular visitor in our home. Lee made himself available immediately in hopes of providing us with another alternative. My entire family has been amazed with the progress each time Lee trains our dog. Even after the very first session, our dog was responding & softening his disposition. Not only does Lee spend time training our dog, but also takes time to educate us to the philosophies behind his methods, helping us understand the importance of all our actions. We have had Lee to our home about 5 times & possibly could take it from here, but we still feel we have lots to learn about how to correct our own behaviors so we don’t allow the dog’s behavior to regress. Lee is affordable which takes the stress out of continued training. Not only would I recommend Lee’s Dog Training, but I actually have recommended him to a friend with a new puppy.

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Susan A.

Absolutely amazing! Lee is a very knowledgeable dog trainer with truly outstanding results. If you are looking for a dog trainer I have no doubts that Lee can give you incredible results. I was fortunate enough to run across Lee and in the short time Lee has been working with my dog Emmy, she has made a remarkable turnaround. Before we started training with Lee my dog was one of those out of control, hard to handle situations. You name the behavior my Emmy displayed it. Let me tell you I didn’t have much hope. The dog that use to bolt out the door at any chance she had, taking down anyone in her path, will now sit and stay by the door as I go in and out. She can be left alone without the fear of her chewing everything in her path. Walks are no longer a struggle but a time that’s enjoyable for both of us. The freedom that comes with having a well behaved dog is incredible. Lee has given us the opportunity to enjoy Emmy.

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Marie B.


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